The 7 Point Blockchain Marketing Checklist

Written by 4King Writer

July 22, 2019

In today’s competitive blockchain environment, a lot of things in business are determined by the quality of marketing services. Brand visibility is not about exaggerated marketing budgets or scattering the seeds of your business all over the place. This 7 point blockchain marketing checklist will cover everything you need for a well tailored marketing exercise, no matter what your project is about.

One question that every innovator in the blockchain industry needs to answer is this: “Is your marketing agency the right fit for you?”

Marketing and brand visibility is usually outsourced to special agencies. This shows how important it is to the life of any given project, especially in an emerging field like blockchain technology. However, you don’t just jump into any marketing plan without figuring out what you really want to achieve.

Is your marketing agency the right fit for you?

Here is the 7 point blockchain marketing checklist that every project must consider:

1. SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) generates brand visibility. If you want to market a brand successfully online, it must be easy to find.

The purpose of Search Engine Optimization is to increase the amount of traffic that a website receives. In order to achieve this, you need to seek out keywords that appeal to people within the blockchain industry, and that of your project in particular. It could be health, gaming, finance or any other industry. An understanding of how the platforms’ algorithm functions during searches will enable you to arrange your ad pieces strategically for maximum impact.

Most marketing companies focus solely on Google, while other search engines like Yahoo and Yandex, even Youtube and Quora, are unutilized. Together these platforms’ search engines are a major driver of traffic when it comes to online advertising. It is imperative to have a strong understanding of how to optimize multiple channels and maximize reach.

2. Google and Social Media Advertising

Google advertising not only puts your product on related websites, but also allows one to gain insight into Google’s audience information. This allows agencies to tailor content directly for their targeted audience.

Other tools outside of targeting and the presentation of ads, are activities like retargeting. This is the process of linking Google analytics to your website in order to track audience behaviour and set convertible goals. With this information, you can identify a users’ behaviour and target ads specifically to them, establishing a list of users already interested in the site but who need a little extra incentive.

Social media on the other hand has become a key communication channel in today’s world. Just under half of the entire world’s population are active on social media. While this is a good marketing channel, it’s important to understand how the algorithms on these platforms work. Facebook, for example, prioritizes person-to-person relationships over person-to-business relationships, so in order to fully maximize social media advertising, a monthly budget is required.

However, these platforms have become very effective channels for engaging audiences.

3. Conversation and Trust Signals

Trust signals are elements used on a website to instill trust in your project. They’re the tiny features that can turn a visitor into a buyer. Trust signals also include having your project appear from various different sources when searched for. Seeing a project mentioned outside of their own website (and of positive sentiment) further builds trust in the product / client / service.

In some cases, especially projects that deal with investments, regulatory approvals can suffice. In marketing, it is always wise to choose agencies that utilize and understand these trust signals and seals of approval.

This, coupled with conversation are strong progress signals. A conversion is the process of changing interest into investment. This creates an experience, which when supported with good trust signals, makes for a successful marketing exercise.

4. PR and Real News Pickup

The blockchain industry is in the stage of dynamic evolution and rapid expansion. A lot of things are happening at the same time in this industry. Like most industries, it has become important as an active member of the community to stay in the know. This makes news pickup and PR very strategic channels for audience engagement.

Making mentions of products on related news and PR articles on respected editorials are avenues that are exploited by marketers in the blockchain industry. We often find opinions and quotes from industry leaders and team members of projects on pressing matters. This model achieves a number of things:

  • It offers insight over pressing issues in the industry.
  • It helps to educate the masses and sometimes opens up engagements on the subject at hand.
  • It is an avenue to promote individual popularity, or that of a project that the expert is associated with.

5. Consistent Content Creation and User Retention

Consistent audience engagement is one of the strongest marketing tools that anyone can use. Implementing this model on an emerging field like blockchain technology is even more crucial. This is because a lot of people are actively seeking genuine information in order to better understand the industry. Therefore, engaging them with content on a constant basis creates followers out of them.

Newsletters, articles, podcasts, videos and other kinds of engaging content are all involved in acquiring and retaining a community. Quality content will always attract the right audience, but it is the consistency that will keep them.

6. Listing Site Distribution

There are a couple of renowned platforms in the blockchain industry that have become universally accepted as reliable sources of credible projects. These are independent platforms whose activities over the years has earned them this reputation. They are not regulators, neither are they legal entities.

Some of these platforms include ICO Bench, ICODrops, CoinGecko, among others. Due to their status and reputation, projects need to be listed on these platforms. Therefore, working with a platform that knows its way around this sector will satisfy an aspect of the 7 point marketing checklist that we are talking about.

7. Community Management (Forums and Telegram)

Effective communication is a key element in project development within the blockchain industry. For a blockchain project to succeed, its community or network of users must be actively involved. Therefore, marketers use the channel of online forums and group messaging apps like Telegram to achieve this goal.

Being active inside of these communication platforms gives a project authority, making it real, and allows the creators to observe and monitor for any negative sentiment. Being active and proactive in these communities is going to make or break the longevity of a business.

As part of their services, most marketing agencies offer community management. Since the blockchain industry is well defined, the target audience can be streamlined. This is an effective tool in building the community of projects, and delivering any updates, and being a direct link of communication.


The 7 point marketing checklist represents the areas of expertise for 4King Media.

With our focus on blockchain projects, we have built a large community of followers as well as connections within the industry.

4King’s service deliverables include the following:

  • Investor and fund introduction
  • Community marketing
  • Affiliate acquisition
  • Affiliate retention
  • Paid media
  • Rev share deals
  • PR and Marketing

This is an ideal package for anyone who seeks to bring value to the blockchain industry by providing a solution that will find wide adoption. No matter your goal or project, finding the marketing agency that ticks the 7 point marketing checklist and that is right for you, are two of the most important steps towards a successful venture.

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