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The “Designer” Life of a Working Mom

Written by 4King Writer

July 15, 2019


I love my little sticky-faced rugrats with my entire heart and soul, but momming & working can be tough on a good day, never mind the ones we barely make it out alive with all passengers still breathing. As the so called “modern woman”, we are expected to have it all together all the time, despite what life may throw at us.

For starters, we are expected to raise our kids like we don’t have a job and work like we don’t have kids. Secondly, we are supposed to still be these pre-pregnancy glamazons and snap back into shape… Well round is a shape too, ok.

Have kids they said…

It would be fun they said…

Well… Who the hell are they?

Back to working moms, I am a freelance Graphic Designer by day and a mom to two beautiful little girls, Reese, 3, and Leya, 10 months, by day and by night. People tell me how lucky I am to work from home and I am, but it definitely is not always the easier option. Everyone says, “you must have so much free time on your hands,” YEAH RIGHT! When you go to work, you go away from your kids and the daily running of a household so you can actually get other stuff done that doesn’t involve being a servant to a smaller version of yourself demanding the RED CUP. There was never a red cup?

Trying to get work done

Trying to get work done from home with little ones around is virtually impossible, with one kid it’s doable because they have to sleep at some point but with two that doesn’t happen. When one is asleep, the other one is awake, when one is happy, the other one is moaning or whining for attention or because they want the RED CUP.

In conclusion to my incessant ramblings on motherhood and attempting to have some form of a career, next time you work with, for, or are considering collaborating with a working mom take into consideration that they are living a double life similar to that of a secret government co-vert spy. Except the messes moms clean up don’t involve taking down criminals and traveling to elaborate locations, they involve potty training, cleaning sticky messes and trips to the grocery store to buy said RED CUP.

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