[Johannesburg, South Africa, November 12] After what turned out to be a victorious Rugby World Cup braai for the South Africans on our team, an epic idea was dreamt up. With some thinking, planning and executing, we are pleased to announce the launch of our Satoshi Millionaires Club campaign. 

Celebrating South Africa’s #StrongerTogether roars, we’re going to be creating Satoshi Millionaires based off of people’s unifying actions we come across online. We’re excited to announce our first Satoshi Millionaires of the Satoshi Millionaires Club campaign are Hector Kansi and his fiance Nonhlahla following their humble proposal that took the country by storm. 

Now’s your time to join the exclusive Satoshi Millionaires Club.

If you’re asking yourself, what on God’s green planet is a Satoshi, we’ll very simply break it down for you here:

Think of a Satoshi as the cent of a Bitcoin. Just like 100 cents make up one rand, 100 million Satoshis make up a whole Bitcoin. Still with us?

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not too late to get involved in Bitcoin. So much so, that a tech agency are now offering anyone the opportunity to become a Satoshi Millionaire and join the Satoshi Millionaires Club for free.

4King Media, a proudly South African marketing agency, are driving mainstream Bitcoin adoption by giving away 1 million Satoshis to a good samaritan every week this festive season.

Anyone can and should own pieces of Bitcoin, like any respected diversified investment portfolio, let’s give every South African a piece of the action. By making them Satoshi Millionaires, we not only give them access to the cryptocurrency market, we also show them how easy it is to become financially independent and join the Internet 3.0.

As we’ve witnessed Bitcoin go from a few cents to thousands of dollars, we too will witness Satoshi Millionaires turn into Satoshi Billionaires – let’s share the limited supply while we can.

So now you know what a Satoshi is and you know what you need to do, show us why you deserve to become a member of the Satoshi Millionaires Club. Tag us on social media, @4KingMedia and we’ll contact you if you’re the weekly winner of a million Satoshis (R1300 value at the time of writing).

And if you’d like to know more about Bitcoin, Blockchain or anything new in the tech space, check our 4King.com

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