Top 5 Crypto And Bitcoin Indicator Tools 2020

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Navigating your way through the cryptocurrency markets can feel like tip toeing through a minefield on occasion. Why not put the same effort in, but get more out with the use of crypto and Bitcoin indicator tools? We’ve done our digging, and have found the top 5 crypto and bitcoin indicator tools to help you get ahead on your trading, so you can start seeing more successful results.

Top 5 Crypto and Bitcoin Indicators

5.  Glassnode 

top 5 crypto and bitcoin indicator tools

Glassnode focuses closely on on-chain metrics and provides traders with data and intelligence that measure crypto market sentiment and behaviour. The team behind Glassnode have a traditional financial background, and are all early adopters with a keen understanding of the market. The platform offers three key avenues of indicator tools: 

  • Studio, which offers on-chain market indicator in the form of charts
  • Metrics, which offer a library of advanced on-chain metrics
  • Insights, which offer written market insights, reports and analyses

The platform also offers an inhouse “academy”, tons of content on their platform, a newsletter, and two successful Twitter accounts, @Glassnode and @Glassnodealerts.

4.  CryptoNetz

top 5 crypto and bitcoin indicator tools

CryptoNTez UCTS offers users a trading indicator with high profitability rates. The platform builds their multiple patterns, indicators and volume analysis on TradingView charts, and presents them in a beginner-friendly style with user-friendly tools. Some elements are free, however the VIP option allows users to talk to other traders, share trades, knowledge, and setups.

The platform offers three packages, starting at $25 per month, and moving up to $75 per month for the Gold package. You can follow the platform on Twitter here, @CryptoNTez.

3. Predictum 

This slightly more unconventional trading indicator platform offers crypto insights through a Telegram chat. They have created various indicators on the TradingView platform, and provide their subscribers with charts indicating entry points, stop-losses, take-profits. Traders then take this information and open the position on the exchange. With over 110 strategies / trading pairs, the platform provides this information for a fee. Subscribers will need to pay the following to gain Predictum’s insights:

  • 0.049 BTC for 1 month (roughly $600)
  • 0.11 BTC for 3 months (roughly $1,350)
  • 0.29 BTC for 1 year (roughly $3,550)

Subscribers get full access to the trading alerts, a support channel, and receive 5 – 30 signals per week. Follow the platform on Twitter, @Predictumm.

2. Provisn

top 5 crypto and bitcoin indicator tools

Provisn is a dashboard and platform software providing crypto insights and analytics to assist users with navigating, learning and trading the markets with confidence. The platform offers a one stop shop to all your trading needs, offering a large volume of easy-to-digest information through the following features:

  • Signal Calls, offering dependable trading signals
  • Breaking News, news from trust-worthy sources
  • Technical Analysis, offering key market and crypto trends 
  • Social Analysis, offering analysis and insight into the current social sentiment 
  • Calendar, offering upcoming coin events and crypto gatherings
  • Advanced AI, predictive analytics using AI and hybrid intelligence
  • Token Spotlight, coin reports exploring upcoming technologies, products, and events

The platform requires a subscription to access the information, however currently they are giving our free lifetime subscriptions. Provisn is also very active on their social accounts, namely Twitter @Pro_vsn.

1. TradingView Premium

top 5 crypto and bitcoin indicator tools

Number one of our list of the top 5 crypto and Bitcoin indicator tools and one of the most popular tools out there. TradingView provides browser-based charts and real-time data for traders to review and share trading ideas through. The platform offers price charts across many asset classes and even overseas markets, including stocks and cryptocurrencies, and the Japanese Nikkei futures, crude oil futures, and gold. With TradingView Premium, traders can enjoy the following features:

  • Crypto Screener, offers real-time alerts and over 100 search options
  • Alerts, set and receive alerts for any market conditions 
  • Pine Script, customize or select a predesigned indicator unique to your needs
  • HTML5 Charts, easily customizable to present a wide range of charting features
  • Paper Trading Simulator, learn the ropes or test the market with virtual money

The platform also offers various trading courses and trading ideas in blogs. While traders can access TradingView for free, the Premium package offers higher precision and data and is available for $59.95 per month (with a 30 day free trial). Traders can follow them on Twitter for key insights @TradingView

Best Crypto and Bitcoin Indicator Tools

top 5 crypto and bitcoin indicator tools

That rounds up our top 5 best picks. Good luck on your trading endeavours and let us know in the comments below which is your favourite, or if we missed any great ones. Whether you opt for Glassnodes, CryptoNetz, Predictum, Provisn or TradingView, your crypto trading is set to take a giant leap forward. 

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