Top 5 Crypto News Sites For South African’s

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The crypto industry is no stranger to controversy, scams and fake news. With everything going on in the news today we get it – it’s hard to find a reputable news source, especially when it comes to crypto news. In this article we’re going to uncover the top 5 crypto news sites in South Africa, to ensure all our saffas are keeping up to date, in the most reliable way possible. 

Whether you want to stay informed about Akoin, Akon’s blockchain project set to fuel an African village, or you’re looking for the latest on the most recent yield farming exit scam, finding the best news sites can often feel like hard work. And as we know, keeping your eye on crypto prices isn’t the only important aspect of trading (although granted, it is a big one). Staying informed about current news stories and prevailing trends is equally NB.

Top 5 Crypto News Sites in South Africa

Whether you’re new to the powers of digital currency or a seasoned professional, or anywhere in between for that matter, here are the top picks for you to stay up to speed.

#5 The Altcoin Trader Blog


Kicking off our list is the Altcoin Trader blog. In between informative news pieces are helpful guides aimed at those newer to the industry. From accommodating pieces like ‘how to get started with cryptocurrencies’ to more factual pieces like “cryptocurrency transfers in Africa have increased by 55%,” the Altcoin Trader blog offers a hearty contribution to the field. 

#4 Tech Central


Tech Central is a leading B2B technology news website and podcast network. The site delivers everything from news, to reviews and current affairs in the crypto industry. Tech Central is a division of NewsCentral Media, which is a member of IAB South Africa (so you know it’s reliable). The platform covers everything from local news, world news, in depth articles on various categories as well as every sector you could possibly imagine in tech. 

#3 Bitcoin Hub


With a slogan like “In crypto we trust,” how could you go wrong? This platform delivers news on everything crypto and blockchain related, and also offers users guides on everything from ‘what is a stablecoin’ to ‘how to choose a Bitcoin wallet.’ The platform’s articles are well researched and offer both insight and compelling thoughts. 

#2 Bitcoin Africa


Calling themselves Africa’s leading Bitcoin and blockchain news publication, Bitcoin Africa delivers a hot serving of the latest in crypto news. Aside from their impressive news section, the platform also offers reviews on everything from Bitcoin books, to games, to documentaries. Not just focused on the South African markets, Bitcoin Africa reports on crypto happenings around the continent. 

#1 MoneyWeb Crypto


Dishing the latest in cryptocurrency news from Moneyweb, the MoneyWeb Crypto site offers unbiased, informative news pieces addressing all the current stories that you need to know. Saving you from FUD and FOMO driven articles, MoneyWeb Crypto is your one stop shop for the latest news in all things cryptocurrency and blockchain. 

Stay Informed, Stay Ahead

Forget about FOMO, FUD, and fake news, these reputable top 5 crypto news sites in South Africa will have you up to date on anything and everything in the crypto community. Stay ahead and stay informed, South Africa. 

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