Bastille Day, or Fête Nationale, in France is the world-renowned French national holiday that celebrates the anniversary of the Storming of the Bastille. On 14 July 1789, this paved the way for change in the French Revolution. Bastille Day is now centered around the festivities of the French culture, and there is no better way to take part than to indulge in some French cuisine. How about some wine, pastries and top 5 slots to celebrate Bastille Day.

Slots To Celebrate Bastille Day

A Brief History Of Bastille Day 

In 1789, France had just endured a rough summer and an even tougher winter resulting in food shortages, high taxes and the militarization of Paris. With tension rising due to being on the brink of economic disaster, violent food riots began breaking out across France. 

In an attempt to control the chaos, King Louis XVI called for the Estates-General to meet. The Estates-General is a National Assembly divided into three orders, according to social class.

  • Clergy (First Estate)
  • Nobility (Second Estate) 
  • Commoners (Third Estate)

With only three sides to the vote, the third estate could be voted out with ease, by the two more powerful estates. With inequity becoming more evident, they decided it was time for a change, creating a new body called the National Assembly. A new pack was made in defiance of the King. The idea was to stay united until a new constitution was written. As time went on, tensions rose and on the morning of July 11, it all started to boil over. Huge crowds poured onto Paris’ streets, protesting against the King and the ruling of the land. The following day, royal soldiers withdrew from the city.

On July 14th, 1789, it had reached boiling point and the people of France were tired of being ruled in a hierarchy system. The crowds erupted and started storming the Bastille prison, eventually dismantling it until almost nothing remained. .

Celebrating Bastille Day 

Bastille Day is the equivalent to America’s 4th of July. Today, Bastille Day is celebrated through festivities, such as fireworks, parades and parties. There to remind you to appreciate all those around you, giving everyone the chance to celebrate the journey the French have taken to get to this point of independence. 

To help you celebrate in the most rewarding way we know, we have put together a list of the top 5 slots filled with all of France’s most loved features. Get ready to experience Bastille Day as you have never before, with never-ending entertainment and big rewards.

Slots To Celebrate Bastille Day

5. Bakery Treats 

Nothing says France like some freshly baked pastries. Play n’ GO has designed the sweetest slot of them all, with 5 reels and 15 fixed paylines there is so much delicious fun to be had. Bakery Treats has an RTP rate of 96.04%, which means not only are you getting a sugary treat, but you are also in store for some massive wins. BetChain makes this experience that much more tasty, so sign up to indulge in some rewarding Bastille Day celebrations.

Slots To Celebrate Bastille Day

4. Fireworks Master

GreenSpin Casino has just what you need to celebrate the right way. Set your sights on some flashy fireworks to make sure your Bastille Day is set for a French King. With Fireworks Master, you can learn one or two tricks on how to create the most rewarding firework display. With over 200 ways to win and an RTP rate of 95.07%, players are in line for some big returns! Enjoy the fiery thrill of medium to high variance in this highly satisfying slot.

Slots To Celebrate Bastille Day

3. The Full Moon Romance

The French are known for their romantic ways, and this slot highlights just that, love. The Full Moon Romance is spreading the love this Bastille Day with the romantic slot filled with spectacular scenery and jaw-dropping features. With 5 reels and 15 paylines, players can gamble their hearts out and gain some unimaginable gains. 

Slots To Celebrate Bastille Day

2. Paris Nights

Paris Nights is ready to set the scene for a perfect Bastille Day. Filled with all of France’s most loved aspects, GreenSpin Casino welcomes you to enjoy what Paris has to offer. Booming Games has created a slot lovers paradise with a smooth design and some lucrative features coming into play, you are guaranteed an authentic french adventure.

Slots To Celebrate Bastille Day

1. A night in Paris

This Paris themed slot is number one on our list of top 5 slots to celebrate Bastille Day and is ready to take you on an adventure through the streets of Paris. The imagery in this slot is impeccable, making gamblers feel part of this thrilling experience. 

The 5 reels and 30 paylines will keep players busy, and the impressive RTP rate of 96.92% will help you bring in those well-deserved wins. Enjoy the history of France and dive into some of the most lucrative Museums in Paris. Making this experience that much more memorable, CryptoWild is here to show you how much they love to get festive. Signing up with CryptoWild will make your Bastille Day so much better!

Better You Bastille Day With Some Rewarding Slots

Bastille Day is all about celebrating France’s independence, and there is no better way to do that than to highlight all of the best aspects of the French culture that are loved by so many as well as some of the most beautifully designed architecture. France is a country filled with massive accomplishments, and why not join in on the festivities and enjoy some of the finest slots found online, from of the most sought after gaming providers. 

Hit these top 5 slots to celebrate Bastille Day to win some mind-blowing wins and create some new Bastille Day traditions. Power up your play by adding on some of the exclusive bonuses that the featured casino offers.

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