Top 5 Videos To Learn About VR

Oct 28, 2019 | AR & VR | 2 comments

If you’ve been hearing about Virtual Reality (VR) and wondering what it is all about, you are  not alone. Although it is a term that is growing in popularity, just like the technology itself, a lot of people just know it as some visual existence in an imaginary world. The fact that it’s seen a lot of implementation in the gaming industry makes most people assume that it is simply another gaming technology like Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox. In this article, we will be presenting the top 5 videos to learn about VR, to help you find a proper understanding of what Virtual Reality (VR) is all about and how it can be useful in the modern world.

Without wasting much of your time, let us go straight to these top 5 videos to learn about VR and what they are all about.

5. Augmented reality vs. virtual reality: AR and VR made clear

This is a 3min 16sec video by CNET which explains the difference between these two closely related technologies. A description of these technologies right below this Youtube video says – “Two technologies that are confusingly similar, but utterly different.”

The video offers a brief but clear description of both AR and VR technology, identifying their individual uniqueness in such a way that will make you understand what you can do with each one. This video is short, brief and straight to the point. 

4. Virtual Reality Engineer Explains One Concept in 5 Levels of Difficulty

Here you have a Youtube video that was posted by WIRED. The video features John Carmack, the CTO of Oculus, who explains what Virtual Reality is all about at different levels of understanding. The explanation is presented in a conversational manner, where Carmack discusses the technology with people whose understanding of VR varies, based on age and available information. The video runs for almost 16 minutes, but guess what? Before you know it, the time is up. Yes, this video is that interesting!

3. What are Virtual and Augmented Realities?

This Youtube video by ColdFusion answers the question on the minds of many technologically inclined people today – What are virtual and augmented realities?

This video includes a bit of the history of this emerging technology in a series that covers the emergence of AR and VR technology, and its importance to the world that we live in. This video runs for about seven and a half minutes with clear and straight-to-the-point explanations on the details involved.

2. What Is Virtual Reality & How Does It Work?

In less than 3 minutes, this Mashable video explains what VR is all about and how it works. He explains the procedures and factors that are behind the experience of virtual reality (VR). The visual aids in this video make it easy to follow and grasp the explanation. This is one of the top 5 videos to learn about VR that you will certainly take something away from.

1. Virtual Reality: Explained!

Marques Brownlee in this Youtube video explains what Virtual Reality (VR) is all about. 

“From Oculus Rift to Google Cardboard: Everything you need to know about VR!”

Brownlee in this video reminds us how the Airforce used VR to train pilots in simulated environments. This he explains as the origin of VR technology. Brownlee also demonstrates how VR works in practical form, and includes external video shots from VR scenes. This is a simple but quality explanation of the technology that will help you to understand what virtual reality is all about.


The world is moving fast towards the emerging technologies of today, and VR is standing up to be counted among these technologies. Apart from VR Gaming, other areas of application are emerging where VR is playing key roles. After all, the Airforce simulation exercise mentioned above is one of the most crucial implementations so far in the history of VR.

If you have been unaware of this technology, or have limited knowledge of what it is all about, having gone through the above listed Youtube videos, your perception should have changed. These top 5 videos to learn about VR are indeed a sure way to launch your adventure into the next dimension of existence.

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