Have you been struggling to decide which coin to trade lately? Let the stars be your guide! Astrology fanatic or not, we’ve got this one covered. Let’s take a look at which coin you should trade according to your star sign – albeit, this is definitely not real financial advice.

Capricorn – Ripple (XRP) 

Finance, finance, finance – that’s what Capricorns are all about. When it comes to money, you know what you’re doing. So, what coin is better to invest in than XRP? Native to the Ripple distributed ledger, XRP is the third largest cryptocurrency by market cap. Out of all of the projects in this list, Ripple is the one most largely associated with traditional financial institutions – something that Capricorns will get a real kick out of. 

Aquarius – Ethereum (ETH)

Aquarius’ are known to be unique and ethereal, so ETH certainly fits the bill here. The second largest cryptocurrency by market cap is native to the Ethereum blockchain, which is unique in that it was the first blockchain to host smart contracts and dApps. 

Pisces – Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Pisces are known as creative, sensitive and compassionate. They get along well with other people, and are known as team players. Bitcoin Cash works perfectly in this scenario – with a sensitive, compassionate team of developers. 

Aries – Dash (DASH)

Aries have some of the wildest energy on the zodiac. They bring some serious excitement to the world – just like Dash. Dash is a digital currency, but it also has the added benefits of lower fees, faster technology, and private trading. Aries and Dash get along like a house on fire. 

Taurus – Cardano (ADA)

Tauruses are practical, smart and creative – similarly to Cardano. Considered to be one of the most reliable cryptocurrencies around, it works on a smart-contract capable network that focuses pretty heavily on security. This is ideal for a Taurus who needs a bit of assurance from time to time. 

Gemini – IOTA (MIOTA)

Most of my friends are Gemini’s and for good reason. They’re hyper intelligent, slightly odd, and a little bit mysterious. If you’re a Gemini – MIOTA coin will suit you perfectly. IOTA is led by 4 different people, and it differs from other digital assets in that it’s native to a network called Tangle rather than a blockchain. 

Cancer – TRON (TRX)

TRON is attempting to take the internet back from censorship – allowing you to create and post whatever content you want. Just like Cancers, TRON has a healing energy – totally fitting for one of the most caring and sensitive signs.  

Leo – Bitcoin (BTC)

Leos are known for being self-made and goal oriented (and self-centered). They’re the king of the zodiac, so they won’t have any less than the OG cryptocurrency itself – Bitcoin. Yep, this powerful sign needs a powerful coin. 

Virgo – NEO (NEO)

Practical, ambitious, and a slight tendency towards perfectionism, Virgo’s need a coin that matches them in every realm. Unlike other coins, NEO focuses on transactions that are traceable to encourage mainstream adoption by businesses and governments. Sounds very above board, officer. 

Libra – Litecoin (LTC)

What better coin is there for Libra than Litecoin? Litecoin is known as the silver to Bitcoin’s gold, and it’s a hell of a lot faster than many of the other cryptocurrencies on this list – just like Libras. Libras are social, creative and super smart, and Litecoin suits them perfectly. 

Scorpio – Monero (XMR)

Scorpio people are passionate, mysterious, and magnetic – and they need a privacy coin. Scorpios are generally considered to be the most intimidating of the signs, so they can handle Monero. Monero possesses a lot of the same qualities as Scorpio, and the coin is particularly great for those wishing to conceal their transactions. 

Sagittarius – Dogecoin (DOGE)

Lastly on the list of which coin you should trade according to your star sign are Sagittariuses. Sagittariuses remind me of puppies, they’re super friendly, have some crazy energy, and are generally a very loveable sign. What more could they ask for than Dogecoin – which is based on a meme, and who doesn’t love memes? 

Get out there and trade 

So, now you know which coin you should trade according to your star sign, you need to get out there and trade! All jokes aside, this really isn’t financial advice – it’s just a bit of fun. Trade whichever coins you want to – none of us need to be limited by the zodiac. 

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