The Crypto world is growing rapidly and the landscape is changing superfast. This is what excitement looks like!


Find out why 4KingMedia is leading Casino Marketing and Affiliate Management.  

Services include acquisition, retention, social outreach, content management, and daily task management, including forum participation, researching industry trends, and exclusive campaign creations.


We take pride in our clients and partners and surf this wave at the top. By offering our partners the best clients, they are gifted with the solid returns that they see month on month. In return our partners offer our clients the best inventory in the crypto industry, gifting them the best of the crop.

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Herein lies the secret equation which brings the experience, inventory, conversions, teams, and campaigns to ensure the ultimate results.

We love people, we love crypto, we love casino, we love results and we love having a good time!

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ICO Community Marketing

We are 4KingMedia
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From PR Distribution, Social Community Managment & Growth to Bounty, Airdrops, Roadshows, Conferences, Forums, ICO Listings, Graphic Design, Influencers and Retargeting:

Paid Media

With 4KingMedia
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Not all Crypto traffic is created equal! We sift through the dirt to ensure our clients don’t burn their budgets on the wrong Crypto traffic. REMEMBER quality over quantity = you will either get the inside scoop or you will pay the price to find out.

Affiliate Acquisition

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Own and plan the campaigns/activities on a monthly, quarterly and yearly level with focus on increasing revenues of existing player database. This includes campaign briefing, defining customer segments, brain storming copywriters and designers, signing off assets and marketing materials, and then reporting on and evaluating results. This will also include cross promotions from sport to casino and vice versa should the need arise, or functionality be available to us.

Affiliate Retention

With 4KingMedia

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Daily retention on existing databases, sorting per demographic, going through each website to see where our brand/s are listed and contacting said affiliate for increased exposure. Included in this is constantly checking that affiliates have the updated information and relevant reviews on their websites.


Rev share deals

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The good news is that there are plenty good sites that don’t take upfront fees and have quality traffic. These sites however request rev share deals on your services and some can expect very high deals.

Furthermore, because they do not charge upfront charges, the best inventory is very difficult to get onto.

We have excellent relationships with these sites and this allows our clients top positions with the best deals.

PR And marketing

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To bring all the magic together, our clients will have a great team backing them up and ensuring the best PR and marketing.

We offer the full spectrum of marketing services from design and content to retention and acquisition campaigns.


24/7 Availability

As 4KingMedia

Casino Services


  • Over 13 years experience in online media and marketing for Fiat and Multi-currency iGaming brands.
  • 5 years experience in the Crypto Online Gaming Industry


  • Acquisition
  • Retention
  • Social outreach
  • Content management
  • Daily task management
  • Including forum participation
  • Researching industry trends
  • Exclusive campaign creations.


  • Extensive Advisory Services
  • Full Affiliate Management Support
  • Network of Established Affiliates

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We like to work as close as possible with all our clients and sites no matter where they are.

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