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Blockchain Is Leading Innovation And Change, We Just Don’t Know About It Yet

Written by 4King Writer

June 10, 2019

Understanding the potential of blockchain over the next ten years can be a very complex and lengthy debate. Blockchain is unlike any technology we have seen before, many have compared it to being the IoT (Internet of Things) of the 20th century. It’s enabled us to do some fantastic things, but this is only just the beginning. We can agree that blockchain has brought about a layer of change we have all started to pick up on, either in our day to day lives or through pure media disruption.

From rappers who have started cannabis currencies to entrepreneurs breaking the Forbes list, to Eminem talking about Bitcoin, we have started to hear about this new technology but how many of us truly understand its potential?

Imagine getting paid minimum wage for your data aggregation while utilizing social media networks.

Imagine a world where currency exchange is instant and goes mostly unnoticed, traveling the world with a single currency, instantly converted at the point of sale.

Imagine avoiding a world crisis because we could erect a smart contract which would receive international funding in minutes, that could be controlled and distributed transparently.

Imagine getting paid minimum wage for your data aggregation while utilizing social media networks.

Imagine owning a portion of real estate for life, in any and all of your favorite locations, that you can either visit or rent out for a ridiculously low, “too-good-to-be-true-but-it’s-true” price.


Imagine getting paid the royalties you can verify you deserve as an artist, and never have to worry about pulling the short straw in your contract again.

These may seem far fetched but we at 4King have seen some of these ideas and concepts become a reality more than once. In the world of Blockchain, any idea can become a reality, any entrepreneur can find capital and the entire population can control their own money. Welcome to Blockchain, this is why we are here.

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