It started off as a shade of doubt, but as time goes, it is looking more and more like a certainty. Eskom continues the struggle of fixing their load shedding woes. The hours of no electricity per
24 hours in South Africa are now averaging close to 10-12 hours. Which began to bring up a
ton of questions about the future of our country, or rather the need for a solution.

Many believed that solar panels were the direction in which the country should have headed for, now it seems more like it is the only way possible after the President’s speech at the SONA 2023.
He confirmed that this is the way forward and tax incentives will be released to help
homeowners manage the high costs of buying and owning Solar panels.

Solar Expenses

This will be a huge expense added to most households. According to the capitec banking group, Solar label prices range from R150,000 to R350,000. These high costs have not stopped some homeowners from purchasing these panels though, as South Africans have spent over
R5 billion worth of solar equipment in the last year alone.

But home loan providers are stepping up with options for those not willing or unable to pay these high costs upfront. Home loan providers are offering loans that will include solar equipment purchasing when you buy your house with a loan from the bank.

Another option is rent to own, in which you will pay for it in instalments until the full amount has been paid off. The other alternative is a subscription type in which you pay monthly to use the product. Companies like GoSolr are offering these services from a starting amount of R1,580.

Dangers to watch out for

With solar panels and equipment being this costly, this has become a new target for criminals. In recent weeks there have been more and more reports of solar panels being stolen. This reportedly happens when most homeowners are at work during the day.

Here are some things you could do to prevent this from happening to your solar equipment. Make sure that the garden equipment is always put and locked away, as your ladder could be used to climb the roof to access the panels. You should also try to make sure that your garbage bin
isn’t easily accessible as not only do thieves use these to climb onto the roof, but they
also use these bins to carry the stolen items.

It is always a safer option to opt for a reliable installer as this can filter out the possibility of faults and unnecessary costs in the future. It was also suggested by the AWPower managing director, Christiaan Hattingh that you should “look for a company with qualified electricians and
engineers on its team, preferably specialists in renewable energy.”

He also stated that, “Their qualified electricians should be registered with the departments of energy and labour.”

Something to keep in mind when choosing solar panels and batteries, you should always remember that some might be discontinued in the coming years, so if you can, you
should opt for something that will be around for long term brands and products.