Recently ventured into the exciting world of cryptocurrencies and uncertain where to store your new digitized possessions? With wide coverage of crypto hacks and safety concerns, hardware wallets are an excellent place to start, and one of the safest options at the moment. In saying that, we’ve taken it one step further and outlined below the top 3 places to buy a hardware wallet in South Africa. 

What Is A Hardware Wallet Exactly?

First, let’s cover the basics. When storing cryptocurrencies you need a special digital wallet. Wallets are generally easy to create, and offer users access to both sending, storing and receiving cryptocurrencies. There are various different types of wallets that one can choose from, which we’ve outlined below in a brief breakdown of each:

  • Desktop wallet: download the wallet directly to your desktop and enjoy fast access to your cryptocurrency. 
  • Web wallet: a wallet created and held for you by an exchange, usually the one you bought the cryptocurrency from. 
  • Mobile wallet: an app downloaded to your mobile phone that allows you access quickly and easily.
  • Hardware wallet: an external device that keeps your cryptocurrencies offline and in cold storage until you need to send or receive crypto. To make transactions you simply plug (through USB or bluetooth depending on the device) the hardware wallet into a computer or mobile and conduct your business. 
  • Paper wallet: the private and public keys to your crypto wallet are stored on a piece of paper, keeping funds strictly offline until you need to use them.

Top 3 Places To Buy A Hardware Wallet In South Africa

Any savvy investor knows that the hardware wallet option is one of the best. It is secure as it stores cryptocurrencies offline in cold storage when you’re not actively trading them, and then offers quick and easy access to your online wallet when you do need to send or receive. There are a couple of hardware wallet options out there, Ledger Nano and Trezor being two of the best. Let’s look into where you can find these bad boys in our homeland.

For the sake of comparison, we are looking at purchasing a Ledger Nano S.

#3 Crypto Vault

The company has little information about their beginnings, however the contact details (including address) are shared on the website. They do offer a number of glowing reviews that indicate the company is a trustworthy and legitimate business. Perhaps most indicating, is that Crypto Vault is a registered retailer of Ledgers (and Trezors) and are listed on both the wallets’ websites as such. 

Crypto Vault offers users the opportunity to buy the Ledger Nano S for R1,495, plus a R100 delivery charge.

#2 Takealot

Sold through the Arcadia Group, users can buy the Ledger Nano S (among many other hardware wallets) through the trusted online shopping platform. The company (Arcadia Group) has an interesting range of products – mostly skin care – but has received glowing reviews on their crypto wallet delivery so who are we to judge?  

The Ledger Nano S retails at R1,249 and is exempt from delivery charges (due to the free delivery policies of Takealot). 

#1 DigiWallets 

Coming in at number 1 on our list of top 3 places to buy a hardware wallet in South Africa, DigiWallets scores our top position. The company offers access to Ledgers, Trezor and KeepKey items, and promises the latest crypto hardware wallets and accessories. Buyers can pay for their goods using Bitcoin, Litecoin, Visa or Mastercard and offer speedy delivery. There are plenty of reviews to look through should you want some more information.

The Ledger Nano S is available for R 1,499.00 down from R1,999. The item is currently out of stock but if ordered can be delivered in 2 weeks.

Invest In Crypto, Invest In A Wallet

Know that saying “not your keys, not your coins”? Well, buying a hardware wallet certainly exempts you from that. Hardware wallets provide one of the most secure crypto storage solutions available, all you need to do is not lose it (achievable for 90% of the population). 

That concludes our round up of the top 3 places to buy a hardware wallet in South Africa. If you’re looking for some more crypto content that catered to the South African market, look no further