Blockchain is an innovative technology that is spreading rather rapidly. It is finding implementation in almost every area of life, much like the internet back in the day. Some people even describe it as another layer of the internet. The decentralized and distributed nature of blockchain has a way of allowing endless opportunities, as almost everything you can think of can be put on the blockchain. Already there are some head-turning ideas that have been put on the blockchain, both for serious purposes and for ridiculous reasons. In this post, we will be taking a look at some of the weirdest things ever put onto blockchains.

With thousands of tokens already in existence, the innovative space of blockchain technology does not appear to be slowing down. It is an open-ended technology that allows anyone to freestyle and try their hands at developing. The creation of dApps has made it even easier, as startups do not need to go through the rigorous processes of building blockchains from scratch. Therefore, once you have an explainable idea, it is possible to create your own blockchain, running on tokens in just a matter of hours. Perhaps, this is part of the motivation behind the weirdest things ever put onto blockchains that we’ll be diving into.

Trees with Blockchain Wallets

Have you ever thought about paying for the air that you breath? I know some people pay for oxygen, but that is usually during a critical illness in the hospital. That is not what we are talking about here. 

There is an innovation that some users are developing that will connect a blockchain wallet and sensors to trees that are being planted. The combination of these elements will enable the trees to charge people who pass by it for the oxygen they consume. 

Remember, the oxygen that is available for us humans is produced by trees through a process called photosynthesis. During this process, the trees consume carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. This weird creation on blockchain could be a campaign for tree planting and encouraging forestation. Whatever the motive, it is an idea that has come from outside the box, the possibility of which reveals the unlimitedness potential of blockchain technology.

A token that gives a F*CK

In today’s world everyone seems to be in the fast lane. A lot of people are so engrossed with their own personal issues that they become oblivious to what concerns the person sitting right next to them. Sometimes all a person needs is for someone to “give a f*ck”.

The idea behind this token is to create a community of people who are willing and available to help one another over their personal issues. This is a way of reviving the caring culture among communities. You can simply send f*ck tokens to people around you to show them that you “give a f*ck” about them and what they may be dealing with.

The banking Blockchain

Blockchain is a public ledger that is distributed and immutable. Information on the blockchain network can be visible to all, and cannot be altered. For each public key, the entire history of transactions that have ever occurred can be viewed by the public on the blockchain network.

This weird innovation wants to put up the banking history of participants on the blockchain. This will create an immutable record that will last over time, however, it will also make the entire banking history of users open to the public. I wonder how many people will want to have their banking history available for the world to see. The use case of this idea is way beyond just having the information to view, it could be vital for so many other cases.

Ice Tea on the Blockchain

Could this be a publicity stunt or a marketing strategy, who knows?

Long Island Ice Tea is a company that sells non-alcoholic beverages. The company decided to join the blockchain revolution in a rather unconventional way. Even before having a use case for the technology, the company changed their name to Long Blockchain. What happened next was quite interesting. Overnight, the company’s stock price jumped by 289%.

Without any particular use case, all the company said was that they were interested in the technology and are interested in investing and experimenting with blockchain. Perhaps, mere interest and adding blockchain to a name has become a kind of implementation. Well, this simply goes to prove the level of interest that the technology is generating.

Jobs search on the Blockchain

This particular platform is focused on match-making job applicants and employers. Participation on the platform is not free, as you have to pay using blockchain tokens to get listed as an applicant. On the other hand, if you are an employer, you will also have to pay in order to gain access to the profiles of applicants.

This is a job marketplace that is based on blockchain technology for interaction and transactional purposes.

Breeding and Selling Virtual Pets

You may have heard of CryptoKitties before. It is one of the earliest blockchain games that was built on the Ethereum blockchain. To play cryptokitties, participants will have to purchase or collect virtual cats. The idea is to breed these cats and sell them on the blockchain.

Breeding virtual cats and even raising offspring is one of the weirdest things that you can come across on the internet. However, cryptokitties makes this look like a normal venture. Many people play the game for leisure and recreational purposes, yet there are those that play actively and make money by selling these virtual cats and kittens.


The virtual world allows us to explore in unlimited dimensions. The invention of decentralized blockchain technology has further empowered the public to express their ideas with little or no restriction. Interestingly, the value added opportunities that blockchain creates has encouraged people not to hold back in expressing themselves.

Listed above are a few of the weirdest things ever put onto blockchains. There are many more that this post has not covered, and even more that will still come into existence. One thing that we must realize is that blockchain technology has brought with it a layer of empowerment that will be difficult to restrict. As a user, all you have to do is to be on the lookout. Perhaps, there’s some weird idea that will provide a meaningful solution to your problems.

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